A direct buyer is someone who buys your home directly from you. This means you get to choose the conditions, the close date, etc. Plus, a home buyer genuinely cares about your home and wants to help you smoothly move. Joe Homebuyer will help with any logistical problems you may have and more!

This is widely different from a real estate agent who is hired to find anybody to sell your home to. The process of finding a buyer through a realtor can be quite lengthy and there is never any guarantee your home will sell for a fair deal (or at all). On top of that, your real estate agent is entitled to 6% of the final sale price. The process with a realtor is longer and more expensive, explore your options with a direct home buyer.

Absolutely! A deal is only going to work for us if it works for you! Although our offers may be lower than typical retail prices, you will save a great deal more time and money with us in the long term. An immediate sale with us means that you won't need to worry about repair work, commissions, cleanup, and staging costs. We will save you money on your taxes, utilities, and insurance due to how fast our process is. Our primary goal is to improve lives by providing real solutions.

We buy properties directly. As direct buyers, we will give you an offer and flexibility with the sale. As the buyers, we truly care about you and your property.

When we buy your house, the offer is based on simple factors like the location, other homes around it and necessary repairs we will have to take care of after purchase. Our process is so straightforward, we would love to have a meeting with you to discuss it further.

You will not spend a penny on fees or commissions. We are direct buyers which means you do not have any of the costs you do with a realtor. This is one of the biggest perks of selling directly. There are never any hidden fees and Joe Homebuyer will take care of all the closing costs.

We are different from everyone else. There is never any hassle or obligation when we extend an offer. We will not use any pushy sales tactics or harassment for you to accept the deal. We simply want to find a simple and quick solution for people trying to sell their home.